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Instancy is raising a $5 million Series A financing to expand its sales and marketing and continue product innovation. This Investor Relations page is your first step in investigating our offering. The company is issuing convertible participating preferred stock. Please contact our Investment Advisor, Thomas E. Vass, at 919-975-4856 with any questions about our investment process.

Our Investment Process

We have created an online fully automated three step process to help an investor implement an investment in our company.

The first step is to follow the link to our company website, and review all of our documents on our page News and Events.

Step two: If you like our company, and would like to see our offering documents, follow the link below to EarlyIQ, where you can access our documents and become verified as an accredited investor.

Step three: If you continue to like our investment opportunity, you follow the "Invest Now" button at EarlyIQ, and create an escrow account at FunAmerica, where you will e-sign our subscription agreement. On the day of closing, your capital will leave your account and be transferred to the company escrow account, and FundAmerica will issue you the certificates in book-entry computer form. You will need to transfer your securities to your own brokerage securities account, and if your broker will not hold private securities, we recommend that you open a securities account at Folio Institutional.

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Instancy Software Learning Gateway Instancy Responsive Software

Who We Are

The Instancy Learning Gateway is a cloud-based platform that enables businesses, publishers, and content aggregators to build collaborative environments to create, manage, deliver and interactive and personalized learning content via web portals and mobile apps, all from one integrated, component-based system with point & click interfaces.

Instancy's multi-tenant architecture enables learning organizations to establish a 'Learning Ecosystem' that involves procuring content in multiple modalities from internal team, external partners and contractors and supply the learning content to businesses and consumers directly and indirectly through reseller partners.

Instancy Learning Gateway brings together multiple web/mobile applications in an integrated suite:

  1. Instancy's Learning Management System (iLMS) includes the following key modules:
    • Multi-tenant Web Portal Design Application
    • Learning Content Workflow Automation System
    • Physical and Virtual Training Events and Calendar Management System
    • Social Knowledge and Collaboration Platform
    • Professional Development Planning Tool and Competency Management System
  2. Instancy's Mobile Learning App Platform enables training and educational content publishers to publish a branded mobile app to Android, Apple and Windows store in order to enable their customers to connect to the cloud-hosted Instancy servers and access their proprietary content in both online and offline modes.
  3. Instancy's Learning Content Management System (iLCMS) and Web-based Authoring Tools for creating eLearning, Assessments, Surveys and Test Preparation Modules
  4. Instancy's Learning Record Store (LRS) Application to manage users' activities database and provide Learning Data Analytics

  5. Instancy's eCommerce Management System:
    • Multi-tenant Web Portal Design Application
    • Store-front, Shopping Cart and Coupon Management System
    • Membership Management System
    • Affiliate Marketing System
  6. Integration with myriads of third-party web-services (APIs) and apps and eLearning courses/digital content resources

Our Leadership Team

Harvey Singh

Founder & CEO Harvey Singh - Founder and CEO - Instancy

Harvey Singh is the CEO and founder of Instancy. He has been a pioneer in the fields of eLearning and mobile learning (mLearning), Performance Support, and Knowledge Management since the 1980s. Harvey has served as an advisor to eLearning standards organizations such as ADL and IMS. In 2001, he was nominated for the eLearning Executive of the Year award.

Prior to Instancy, Harvey served as Chief Learning Technology Officer for Centra Software, after he sold MindLever (a company Harvey founded to Centra Software. The sale to Centra Software occurred during year 2001 when Internet companies were cashing. Unlike investors in most other internet companies, Preferred shareholders who had invested the year before in MindLever recovered their investment and made a small profit.

At MindLever, Harvey was the visionary and principal architect behind creating the industry's first system for rapid interactive content authoring, management, and personalization using a pioneer learning object and dynamic content delivery methodology. MindLever received the Intrepid Company of the Year award in 2001 from The Council for Entrepreneurial Development in North Carolina.

Prior to MindLever, Harvey co-founded Empower Corporation, an online learning product design and development outsourcing company which broke new ground in the areas of simulations, games, performance support, and story-based learning environments.

Santosh Kumar

Software Delivery and Customer Service Manager Santosh - Software Delivery and Customer Service Manager - Instancy

Santosh Kumar is Software Delivery and Customer Service Manager at our off-shore development center in India. Santosh has over nine years of experience working with Instancy in various areas including quality assurance, project management, learning management system deployment, customer support and eLearning content development. In this period, he has worked with over fifty US clients (small, medium, large) in corporate training and educational institutes in multiple industry verticals.

Before joining Instancy, Santosh worked in the e-publishing industry as project lead. Prior to that he has also worked in the manufacturing industry for two years as a production engineer. Santosh holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Sambalpur University, India.

Y. Srinivasarao

Manager of Product Development Srinivas - Product Development Manager - Instancy

Srinivas is the Manager of Product Development at Instancy's off-shore development center in India. Srinivas has more than nine years of experience in developing learning management and software-as-service platform.

Srinivas has worked with Instancy for over eight years. Before Instancy, he worked in the e-Publishing and CAD data-management company. Srinivas has ten years of experience in Microsoft .NET development, SQL database and related development environments and data-center infrastructure management. He has a Bachelors degree in computer technology.

News and Press Releases

View our video on the Instancy Offering

  • February 15, 2016

View The Private Capital News Network Interview With Harvey Singh, CEO of Instancy

  • February 10, 2016

International Conference

Instancy CEO, Harvey Singh, Addresses International Conference on Passive Internet Income Opportunities

  • October 4, 2015
Instancy CEO, Harvey Singh, Addresses International Conference in US

Harvey Singh, the CEO of Instancy, a global service provider of online internet training and education software, addressed the Passive Internet Income Opportunities (PIIO), on how to use the internet to make money.

Instancy Announces New Partnership with IT University Online

  • December 22, 2015
Instancy Partnership Program with IT University Online

Instancy, a pioneer of the cloud-based social learning platform, has announced a partnership with IT University Online, one of the top providers of online IT training courses and a four time winner of the "Best in Biz" awards.

Upcoming Events and Presentations

Event Name Date Time Location Add to Calendar Remind Me
Passive Internet Income Opportunities Conference 8/29/2015 8am - 7pm Raleigh, NC 2015-08-29 08:00:00 2015-08-29 19:00:00 America/New_York Passive Internet Income Opportunities Conference Raleigh, NC Harvey Singh Add to Calendar Instancy Upcoming Events and Presentations

Become an investor now

We follow a three step process for you to make an investment in our company.

  1. First, you review all of our documents and material on our Instancy Investor Relations page, and on our Instancy company website.
  2. Second, when you are ready to see our full offering documents, you follow the link to our third party investor verification site, EarlyIQ. You click the button above to go to EarlyIQ, and register as a member of EarlyIQ to see our offering documents. If you like our offering, EarlyIQ will allow you to verify your credentials as an accredited investor. EarlyIQ will issue a certificate to you when they complete their verification of your credentials. You will take this certificate with you when you go to FundAmerica to show them that you are a verified accredited investor.
  3. After you have been verified at EarlyIQ, you will be able to click the "Invest Now" button at EarlyIQ, and you will be directed to FundAmerica, our third party vendor for escrow. At FundAmerica, you will open an account, and will be able to see our subscription agreement to sign. If you sign our subscription agreement, via online e signature, FundAmerica will obtain your authorization to ACH your capital from whatever account you have for making this investment, into your FundAmerica escrow account. On the day of closing, your capital will transfer from your escrow account to the Instancy account. FundAmerica will then transfer to you, in book entry, computer form, the security certificate for your shares.